Recent grads return for College Alumni Panels

Jan 05 2022

Recent grads return for College Alumni Panels

More than 20 Keystone alumni who are now in college returned to their alma mater to pass along their experiences and advice from this next step in their educational journeys.

The alums are attending college throughout the country, and spoke with current Upper School students about their new schools, and touched on other college-related topics such as adjusting to life away from home, learning how to create new routines, making new friends and how to navigate new cities.

A few key nuggets of wisdom:

  • Don’t try to get as involved in college as you were in Keystone — it’s much better to take a manageable class load and try only a few extracurricular activities.
  • Learn early if you need a car in your new city or if public transportation is the way to go. It’s much more important than you think.
  • Remember that many of the things that seemed stressful in high school really don’t matter after you graduate.
  • And learn how to do your own laundry.

Scroll down for some scenes from the afternoon:

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