Summer at Keystone 2022

Improve your skills and learn new ones while having fun in a safe place during Summer at Keystone 2022.
Here’s this year’s lineup:


Camp Cobra
May 31-June 3

Camp full

Improve your basketball and volleyball skills with Coach Hawk. Open to rising 3rd through 8th graders.

Co-ed Basketball Camp

The camp will emphasize individual and team skills. The camp will be broken up to include individual skills, position specific skills, team concepts, team play and competitions.

Co-ed Volleyball Camp

The volleyball camp will focus on the individual development of each player with an emphasis on simplifying and teaching the specific court skills and movements associated with the game. Topics covered include teaching the rules of the game, serving, forearm passing, setting, hitting, individual defense and serve reception techniques.

Cost: $150 for either basketball or volleyball, $300 for both.

***Refunds will be given up to May 15th
***Campers who attend the morning and afternoon session should bring a sack lunch.
***Minimum 10 participants per. camp. *Maximum 30 participants per camp.
***We will adhere to all the COVID safety protocols established for this school year.
Reminders: Concessions will be available at all camp sessions. Campers must wear appropriate athletic attire and shoes for all sessions. Please bring knee pads if you attend volleyball camp. Water bottle is recommended.

Dropoff begins at 8:30am, and pickup is at 4pm. There is no morning care or aftercare.

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Camp Hollywood
June 6-10 and June 13-17

Learn the art of filmmaking with Mr. Ciaravino, Ms. Pantoja (Ms. G) and Ms. Letos. Camp runs June 6-10 and June 13-17.

Create your own film from idea to premiere! Write a screenplay, storyboard it, shoot and edit it — learn every aspect of making movies!

Open to rising 3rd through 8th graders.

Cost $300/week.

This camp is limited at 21 students per session.

Dropoff begins at 8:30am, and pickup is at 4pm. There is no morning care or aftercare.

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Little School Art & Science Camp
May 31-June 10

Camp full

For Keystone students from 3-8 years old

Paint, sculpt, explore, and create with us this summer! Let us introduce your child to well-known artists and they can make their very own masterpieces.

Children will also get to be Little Scientists and enjoy some fun kid friendly experiments.

Each day runs 8am-2:45pm, with extended day care available.

Cost is $585 for both weeks.

To register, print and fill out this form and return to the Little School or contact Head of Little School Dena Hoenig Valdez:

Science and Math: July 11-15

Join Ms. Sobieszczyk and Mr. Mustafa for a week of science and math excitement! Yes, both subjects can be exciting and rising 5th and 6th graders get a chance to experience this for themselves.

Sessions take place from 9-11:30am, and noon-2:30pm, with a 30 minute lunch break.

Students can play with one subject in the morning and the other in the afternoon. These camps are limited to 20 students per session. Cost is $150 for each camp, $300 for both.

Dropoff begins at 8:30am, and pickup is at 4pm. There is no morning care or aftercare.

Spectacular Science
July 11-15

Join Ms. Sobieszczyk for a week of Sensational Science!

Each day will bring hands-on exploration in science. Lab experiences will go beyond classroom curriculum.

Camp activities and experiments will lay a foundation for inquiry, build prior knowledge connections, and apply the fun in learning science!

Monday we will celebrate chemistry with soda explosions and craft bath bombs to take home.

Tuesday’s creative challenges will satisfy engineers and artists alike.

Wednesday we will build BIG bubbles, rainbows, and kaleidoscopes for a combination study of chemistry and light!

Thursday we will set art bots and solar cars into motion focusing on circuitry and robotics.

Friday we will venture to explore the Witte Museum, returning to school in time to share a few minutes of videos and pictures highlighting the week’s sensational science!

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Infinite Fun /Irrational Experience
July 11-15

Everyone can do math, says Mr. Mustafa, and you can learn new concepts with toothpicks, paper, scissors and other simple tools.

Learn the beauty of math and begin to understand that math is the amazing language humans invented to discover the form and every pattern of the entire universe itself.

Among their different activities, rising 5th graders will create items such as prisms and pyramids using toothpicks and gumdrop, while rising 6th graders will draw parabolas and create Mobius strips, just for starters.

You’ll keep your math knowledge fresh for Middle School and and get ahead for the coming year — and get a whole different view of math itself!

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Cat Class
May 31-June 17

For all current Keystone 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders, after a two-year break for COVID, “Cat Class” will return this summer!

Advanced Mammalian Anatomy is a lab dissection class where students will learn human anatomy through the dissection of a cat, as well as various cow, sheep, and pig organs. This class is ideal for future doctors, veterinarians, dentists, scientists, engineers, athletes, and anyone interested in learning about the structures and functions of their own bodies. The lab class is open to Keystone students who have successfully completed 9th grade Biology.

The class will meet for 14 school days (M-F), starting Tuesday, May 31 and ending on Friday, June 17, 2022. Classes will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 12:00 noon each school day to allow students to participate in other summer activities in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends. 100% attendance is expected and appreciated. There will be quizzes and lab practical exams, but students will earn a semester Science credit upon passing the course. There is a fee of $325 for the class, but students receiving financial aid can get a discounted rate. The class is limited to 20 students. This could be the last “Cat Class”, so be sure to do it this year if interested.

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Just added!

Keystone Summer Writing Camp
June 20—July 1, 2022

Join fellow Keystone writers/authors as we:

  • learn the value of journaling and daily writing
  • pick a genre and go through the process of composing an original piece of writing for an anthology
  • become part of a community of writers
  • learn valuable revising and editing strategies
  • show off your creativity and HAVE FUN!

The session will take place from June 20—July 1, 2022. We will start each day at 9:00 a.m. and end at noon.

There will be no morning care.

The cost is $300 for the two weeks.

Contact Ms. Hall if you have questions:

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