Toya Cook Bell ’83 visits with 4th Grade Leadership

Feb 12 2021

Toya Cook Bell ’83 visits with 4th Grade Leadership

Alum Toya Cook Bell ’83, shared memories of her accomplishment-filled years at Keystone when she visited with members of 4th Grade Leadership this week and shared lessons about being leaders using examples from Black history.

Ms. Bell, who now works as an attorney in Austin, was a Keystone lifer. Among her Keystone accolades:

  • National Achievement Scholar
  • Keystone Science Fair participant
  • Member of the Keystone Yearbook staff
  • She created Keystone’s Fiesta Medal program

From Keystone, she earned B.A. in English from Rice University and a Juris Doctorate from The College of William & Mary. In addition to her community involvement in Austin, she’s also a member of the Keystone Alumni Council.

During her presentation to the fourth-graders, she cited scientist George Washington Carver, who exemplified curiosity; entrepreneur Madame C.J. Waker, for philanthropy; opera singer Marian Anderson for resiliency, focus, determination and grace; civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks for being bold and brave in times of uncertainty, and mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., astronaut Mae Jamison, former President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris and gave a special note of poet Amanda Gorman for her determination, confidence and creativity.

Just before the 4th graders went to lunch, she issued a challenge.

“You are all leaders,” she told them. “Who will you be? How will you inspire and make an impact on others?”

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