Young readers learning library skills outside

Sep 03 2021

Young readers learning library skills outside

No library space? No problem for our young students.

Students sat on carpet squares in front of Founders Hall, and listened to Librarian Mrs. Vilagi read to them. Kindergarten students in Mrs. Carpenter’s class began their library class by pondering: what kind of book would a bear check out a the library? Then they read “A Library Book for Bear.” Guess what — the bear in the story liked books about pickles, so after hearing the librarian read it aloud at story time, the bear in the story checked out the book titled, “The Very Brave Bear and the Treasure of Pickle Island.”

Later in the week, 1st graders read “We Are In a Book,” by Mo Willems, featuring the characters Elephant and Piggie. In this book, Elephant becomes sad when he realizes the story will end, so Piggie suggests the reader read it again. Mrs. Vilagi paired up the children to read other Elephant and Piggie stories, and they laughed while they learned.

By the way, the Mo Willems books are good for kids of all ages.

Click below for more scenes from the library classes.

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